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What I’m All About

Many years ago when I lived in Japan and taught English, one of my students showed me the basics of jewelry making. Turns out her lessons ignited an obsession. As a result, I began scouring bead shops far and wide to sate my growing jewelry addiction. When I returned to the US, I brought my large collection of materials with me, but didn’t touch them for many years because I was busy teaching and raising a child. While social distancing at home with my 7-year-old in 2020, we were looking for ways to keep ourselves busy. Thus, I finally broke out the charms, beads, and findings and began making things like true enthusiasts do. Now our home has become overrun with the myriad pieces we’ve created.


I am delighted these pieces have received much positive attention, as I love for people to experience the same happiness owning and wearing them as I’ve had making them.


I named my business after my summer home address in the South from where I hail:

W h i s p e r w o o d Road Designs. It is my second happiest place, right behind Alaska.

Earrings: The Story
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