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No Students Showed Up to My Zoom

I didn't have any students show up to my 2nd period Zoom class so I have time to do my first little blog. Just in case my principal is reading this (I am sure he's not!), I did call and email the contacts I had on file.

While I am waiting on students to magically appear, I'll give you my lil' earring business update. I applied to enter an outdoor vending event in a small town here in Alaska. Their application made them sound like they are a hoity toity operation, which is okay with me because I like fancy as much as the average person (ha!), but I don't like the idea that I might not be good enough to be included! (Surely, they’ll see my value!) I can do fancy, but hoity toity takes time, energy, money, and help. The thing I don't have is HELP! I am a one-person operation. Their first question was, "What puts you above everyone else?" I answered honestly, which is really the only way I know how. I said something along these lines: I can't say I am better than anyone else because there are so many great artists out there doing amazing things, and they have the little business side of things dialed in! I will tell you I am happy to be making earrings: it brings me joy when people like my stuff. I hope to make a little money from this so I can continue to create, but it's not sink or swim. (Thank goodness because I know which end of the swimming pool I'd be in if that were the case!) My strengths are: I make quality, attractive pieces that people like and often love. I am a fair and honest person and will go out of my way to make my customers happy. I will rectify any issues with my pieces, should anyone have any. If someone does have a problem with something I have made, they should contact me, as I am eager to make things right.

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